It’s official: ethical hackers earn more than software developers.

2 min readMar 25, 2021

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Bug hunting, the way for smart software developers to start earning big. Across the globe security researchers aka “ethical hackers” are making millions from bug bounty platforms. Figure 1 shows that last year, some of the top earners crossed over $1 million rewards on the HackerOne platform (pg 14), others earned $100K. Crowdsourced security (also called bug bounty programs) has gone from obscurity to being embraced as a best practice, according to the SANS Institute.

Figure 1 — HackerOne bounty rewards up to about $80 millions dollars

As a professional software developer, how can I earn more? Start bug hunting!

What do you need to start? A formal computer science degree may help. According to Hacker 2020 report (p.22), 41 percent of hackers had a formal computer science degree, the same pattern can be observed with software developers. 48 percent of professional developers had a bachelor’s degree (Stack Overflow survey, 2017).

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